Our Services


At Progression Academy Brampton we provide tutoring services to students from Grade 6 all the way to university. We handle it all, from assignment assistance to test preparation.

Curriculum Support

Get additional study resources to further simplify learning. Progression Academy curriculum support includes simplified study material and in-house tests to better retain learnings.

Course Teaching

We teach complete courses with a balanced teacher to student ratio with more time allocated to courses that the student may need more attention in.

Assignment Assistance

We provide excellent assignment assistance to our students by simplifying complex concepts and ensuring that they get the most productive learning experience out of school assignments.

Test Preparations

Tests are stressful but we make it easier for your child to score better without the anxiety of giving tests. Our tutors are highly trained in easing test anxiety and helping the student prepare for the test efficiently.

Individual Education Plans (IEP)

All students are different and may need special attention with a specific subject. Our trained tutors at Progression Academy will create individual education plans for your child so they can progress steadily at their own pace.


Grade 6 to Grade 12

Progression Academy provides tutoring services for Mathematics, Science, English, Chemistry, Functions, Calculus, Biology and Physics.

College and University

We provide tutoring services for Mathematics and Chemistry for all levels of College and University.